Day 17 - Sparkle Camo

Day 17 of #MonthofSparkle

There is work to be done on this Monday, motivation vibes. Work, work., errands, wrapping gifts. All this calls for comfortable run around ware, and warm too. My house was cold today so this really got me feeling cozy.

Camo joggers are insanely comfortable, BP from Nordstrom I got a while back and paired them with this sequin mesh top I got some years ago at TJMaxx. I love this top because of the level of shine and color, but may it snags on everything , so its life expectancy may not be that long. One of my favorite sneaker brands is Converse, actually probably the favorite. Whenever I can grab a pair that is different I pop on them. These qualify with my pop of color shoes too. They are metallic leather, a brown/copper color that is versatile with a lot of items. Scarf completely different print but I really think it works well with this look.

My home/street style vibe.