Wine stains, no problem

Red wine on a light table cloth. OH NO!

How do you remove wine stains? It will never come out.

Oh yes it will and it does every time, but seeing the person that spills is panic is priceless. Dinner party is a success when a mess is made, there is a pile of dishes and you have cleanup the next day. From years of my grandmother entertaining, that is how you know you put in the effort and had a wonderful time.

I get out a nice table cloth, iron it. Cloth napkins, napkin rings, chargers, table decor and the whole thing. To me setting a mood for any party, especially a small intimate dinner for 6 makes a difference. It is all in the details. Delicious food and wine flowed and a lot of it ended up on my table cloth. Tomato/crab pasta sauce, balsamic vinigar and whole glass of red wine were all found on this table cloth.


Day after

oops, there was a spill

Step 1:

Use stain remover to pre-treat stains. Zout has been by far the best stain remover I have found and I can only find it on Amazon.


Pre treat with stain remover

Before washing, treat and let sit for 5-10 min

Here are product links:


When wine out is sprayed it will turn red wine stain to blue/purple. That is normal, so make sure to saturate well and let sit.


Stain remover sprayed

Reaction creates wine stain to turn blue

Step 2:

Washed whites with bleach and voila, stains be gone.


Right out of the wash

No evidence that a spill even happened

There are stains tat are tough to get out, but most food and even red wine are not a problem. Zout is great for many stains and I use it on all buy stains. Sometime I have to combine with Oxi clean or bleach to really crush the stains during the wash, but it is a great first step.

Don’t cry over spilled wine. Use these products to get the stain out, Be Awesome and Sparkle.