Shoes that Pop

Accessories complete the look…

We have all heard that said and many of us agree, I for sure do. My looks include head to toe accessories to pull a look together and I always have a focal point or one main accessory draw. Sometime focus on jewelry, belt, purse…but most of the time I am all about the shoes, and all the other stuff.

Less is not always more, more is more and wearing it with confidence is how you define your style and get others to really get the vibes you are selling. So let’s talk my favorite accessory…


In my fashion world shoes have to look good, feel pretty good and that will determine how much I spend on them. I will be honest in telling you that I will not spend a lot on a shoe that only feels good, but I will spend a lot on a shoe that only looks good. Over the years I am getting more picky about wanting my shoes to be comfortable, but I am not ready to trade style for comfort completely. There are a lot of choices that are both, so that is why I said…pretty comfortable. You are not going to get a slipper comfort in a high heel, but you can get good comfort without pinching, blisters, etc. Price point for me is anywhere up to $200 before I start to really ask “do I need you?” Unfortunately the answer is always NO, so let me rephrase “Do I really want you?”

Always I look for unique shoes, either in style, color, print or combination of these. They are not always in style so when I find uniques styles I buy them. Same with my latest color finds. Not always are certain colors in fashion but this season I picked up navy blue, leopard, red and yellow. Animal prints were huge this fall season and colors are as well which can be worn all the time.


Here are my finds for shoes that pop

Animal Print San Edelman from Nordstrom $ 149.99

  • Comfort - great. Right from the start no issues with rubbing or pinching. Material is soft and moves with my foot

  • price - ok, would love a sale

Yellow suede are Charles by Charles David at Nordstrom $59.96

  • Comfort - kind of comfortable. They are more right and thicker suede but they will give. Hard bottom so wearing them for a long time, or doing a lot of walking is not an option

  • price - great

Red suede are 1.State at Nordstrom $44.47

  • Comfort - pretty comfortable. Softer suede, these feel comfortable as soon as I put them on. Could be in these longer periods of time

  • price - great

Navy Blue are Halogen Atlantic Pacific line at Nordstrom $71.96

  • Comfort - pretty comfortable. They are rigid material being patent shoes and rigid flat bottom so they don’t move too well, so they rub on my ankle and caused a blister first time. When worn with socks, pre-heels spray (see post) or blister bandaids, they are good

  • price - good

Silver platform are Franco Sarto from last year at Nordstrom same comfort as navy blue platforms. Blue suede are coach from couple years back, a Nordstrom Rack find and mega comfortable.

Style idea that is on trend for fall/winter, shimmer socks or colored socks.

How to pick a color of pop shoe that is right for you?

Look at your clothes and go with something you can get the most use out of, if you are deciding on one I would go with most wear for your spend. If you can pick two then get a pattern and a color. Most versatile pop of color shoes are silver and gold hues and most versatile pattern I find to be leopard print or snake.

So here you are, on your way to being a Cinderella Story with shoes that are sure to fit into your style. Enjoy your wardrobe and style new looks with Shoes.

Be Awesome and Sparkle.