Day 12 - Buy to pair with current items

Day 12 #MonthofSparkle

Before our weather changes and gives us a heat wave I was in the mood to wear boots and a totally girly outfit. This skirt is one of those super girly items in my closet, but it has been hard for me to figure out what to wear with this one for the longest. I have had it for couple years and got it at Banana Republic during month of sparkle. It has a high waist band so I can’t wear tops that cover over or I look frumpy, tucking sometime creates a balloon effect so really for my body shape best thing is a fitted top.

I am not one for fitted so here is my style tip for wearing fitted if it is not in your comfort zone. I hate things being tight in my tummy area. High waisted is the trick. Then wear a shorter top that is body conscious and the it looks good. Truly accentuates my waist so that is nice. Shortness of the skirt is party style for sure but the best part of any skirt is…pockets.

I paired this with nude nylons to give my legs a smooth look because it is a bit short for me, and that is it. Sweater love with this new cute add from Zara $49.90 Gemstone beaded Sweater. Fit is small, rather short so I am wearing a Medium.


Step out of your comfort with clothes to find something that works. Be Awesome and Sparkle.