Tortellini skewers

Healthy and tasty holiday appetizer that is not too heavy but enough to actually satisfy. This is it and it’s super easy to make and tasty. This food-network recipe was a great find so for shopping list of ingredients check out this link. I wanted to share my fist hand account to making it and after having party goers devour it last night, I can say this is a goodie.



Plus olive oil, salt and pepper

Step 1 - start a pot of water boiling for tortellini


Step 2

Soak skewers so wood does not splinter


Step 3

Wash tomatoes


Step 4

Dry fresh mozzarella balls and set aside


Step 5

Cook the tortellini according to package instructions. Don’t over cook or contents will ooze out and you will have flat pasta discs

Step 6 - I used mozzarella container to mix pesto, olive oil, balsamic and little salt until it tasted like good dressing to my liking. Less dishes too.


Step 7

strain tortellini after cooking it to package instructions and let cool so you can assemble skewers


Step 8

Using a plate to catch any dressing remnants I assembled my skewers and sprinkled a bit of salt on top (my preference)


Step 9

Serve and enjoy

Highly recommend this recipe for ease, taste and a more healthy option for holiday parties.

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