Day 8 - Accordion pleated skirts

Day 8 of #MonthOfSparkle

I am headed to my friend’s annual jewelry party so I was going for a totally girly look. Another trend that is everywhere this seasons…accordion pleated skirts. This is a tough look for me to pull off so I decided to go it on a budget from my main glitter source… Forever XXI and wow it did not disappoint. Priced at $35 with so many sales going on, I grabbed it for 30% off and LOVE IT.

That saying she leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes was definitely true. Skirt sheds glitter, so just know you will have some cleanup after wearing this outfit. Paired with For Sweater from Atlantic Pacific line at Nordstrom $79 and variety of shoes, all from Nordstrom but only the leopard is recent (click link for detail).

Styling this look I had these 3 options going, but decided to go with animal print for the party. Scarves are from Charming Charlie, all past seasons, but check out their scarf deals this time of year 2 for $20




Color scheme is muted, even though there is a lot of shimmer in the skirt. For me adding bright colors elevated it for holiday cheer. Checkout the gallery on Month of Sparkle page to see it worn.

Be Awesome and Sparkle