Day 1- Sparkle on a Budget

Having style is not about spending a ton of money…

It is all about how you wear the clothes you buy. That means styling your outfits the way you like them, but also feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. I am into trends, so I prefer not to spend a lot on those looks. One example is month of sparkle. I wear something fun every day and many items I get are not wardrobe staples, like this look.


Rainbow/multi color sequin dresses are all over this season and I wanted to get one for my Month of Sparkle and checked out a few places. I finally decided on this one from Target. Priced any $28, I got it on Cyber Monday for $19 and I am all about it!!! To make it fun I am pairing it with another trend this year… colored tights. Purple and Blue tights also from Target, $8 each.

Click the links to shop this look and join me in #monthofsparkle (slippers also Target).