Twist to non-wash hair days

I don’t wash my hair every day, actually I tend to have a 2-3 day hair routine, usually the max I can go in between washing.

Wash day normally hair down day, next day is perhaps hair down after a refresh or half up, and day 3 for sure, my go to…a bun. A friend of mine with straight hair had a cute style one day and I finally asked her how she did the braids in the front. I was amazed to learn they were not braids but instead just her hair, twisted. I was all over it and now add this in to vary the up-do.

Toss out that same bun, play with twisting hair and incorporating low, high or side buns. This is my version with a twist in front. Easy to do and fun look for long hair.

Checkout the Video and try it next time you are about to go to your standard up-do and give your hair a twist.

Up do tutorial. Twist and pin to create an alternative up do for non wash hair days.

I really like this look, it is youthful and makes me feel totally girly.

Twist one side, pin it. Twist other side pin it. take loose hair and twist into bund and clip. You are set. Be Awesome and Sparkle.