Christmas crafts


This year I decided to make a variety of pine cone crafts for all my friends and family. The inspiration came to me from something I saw online and after seeing how easy it was to paint pine cones I came up with 3 different gift ideas for my crafts.



All over the sidewalk. I was lucky enough to plan in advance and knew we would have really crazy windy days so I planned to go for a bike ride and see what dropped out of trees. I made two trips and scored big. For my first year I did well, but now knowing what crafts I was making I know what type of pinecone works best.

For table decor it is all personal taste. For door ornaments it needs to be really hearty and dense pinecones, not the more hollow ones that are light or screw hooks will shatter them. For potted Christmas tress rounded bottom ones work best but it is best to see what fits based on pot. Here are samples of 3 kinds.


Before painting pine cones need to be de-bugged, opened and sap removed. To do this bake them. I left them to dry overnight.

For painting I am including a link that is simple. I used Tupperware filled with paint, threw one in, shook it with lid on and removed to dry on wax paper. Some I panted with spray paint, but that is a different level of coverage. Some I just sprayed with gold, silver or glitter spray. Big tip for spray painting is to wear a respirator. My first batch, I got really dizzy and felt sick from the fumes. But for painting tips of trees only I opted for paint on paper plates. It was way easier to roll pine cone right on the plate and dip just the edges, using my fingers with gloves on touched them up where needed.


Ribbon came from Costco. Spraypaint, hook screws and color paint from Home Depot and all embellishments from Target dollar bin.



This is what I call just a bushel of pine cones, some painted and some natural wrapped up with a candle. These make great table displays or can be incorporated into any decoration already in place. Here are some ways I am using mine.


Decorative ribbon from Costco $8 per roll (50 ft), hook/loop screws, wire, wired felt and time. This blog was great for step by step instructions. I used this wire to form a circle, and put it through my ribbon loops. After that I cut off the excess wire, covered it with felt wire (so it is not painful to grab). Bows I made and attached with felt wire as well so they can be removed and placed wherever my gift receivers want them. Some may want to use a door hanger, some hang on a nail, door knob… This way the big, decorative bow could be placed in the right spot to hide the wire loop


Clay pots from craft store were $.79 each. I used a clue gun to place all the pearl ornaments on pine cones. Sprayed some with glitter and attached a tree topper from Target dollar bin items. A variety pack of gloves, trees, wreaths in a nude wood, I took all of them and added glitter. (Adhesive spray and glitter) immediately transformed them. Thin ribbon along the clay pot, glued on and potted Christmas trees are ready for gifting.


  1. Painted pine cones are dry and ready to be assembled. Depending on gift type the work is different so I threw an old sheet on top of my dining room table and got to work by craft type.

2. Christmas trees were my moms project. I wanted tree toppers to shine so I glittered tree toppers that were just solid color wooden pieces. 12 pieces in a bag $3 form Target. Sprayed each one with adhesive spray and sprinkled on the glitter. Shook off the excess and let dry.

3. Started assembly of Christmas trees by using a glue gun to add pearls as ornaments. Glue gun used along rim of clay pot to hold tree in place as well as to hold ribbon along rim of the pot and to glue down the tree topper.

4. Assembly of door wreaths I followed these instructions and it was very easy. Only comment I would make is to use gloves and pliers to help hold pine cones. It was painful to hold them and crew in the hooks. I used thin steel wire to make round hooks as my hanger.

5. Assembly of loose pine cones was the simplest. It was all about wrapping with a candle. I cut clear wrapping paper and ribbon I wanted to use then put them together into cute clear wrapped bundles.

Difficulty level is low, but it took time to do all of these. My mom helped and we had a wonderful time laughing and getting creative. It is a memory I will cherish forever. Make crafts to relax or with your kids, friends, family, it is a great bonding experience. I am ready to gift them all and spread the sparkle.


Crafts can be easy if you adapt them to what you want to do. Be Awesome and Sparkle.