Fall Crafts

Home made gifts tend to be the most treasured and appreciated. When I receive a personalized gift from a friend it strikes a chord. If someone takes the time to think of me and makes me something, I am sure to appreciate it.

This year I totally felt that way and after seeing these sold in several places for a lot of money I decided to make some fall decorations for my family and friends. Pumpkins with succulents is a great craft item for anyone that finds crafts relaxing and makes for a wonderful gift, hostess gift, table centerpiece or just a, hey I was thinking about you item.

My green thumb only extends to succulents, in large part because they are so resilient. Regular plants I am not that good with, so for me all of the succulents came from my yard. Pumpkins I purchased at Trader Joes and that was by far the cheapest I found them. Small pumpkins $1.99 , large orange $2.99 and large decorative $5.99.

Sphagnam moss was $6 for the bag. Adhesive spray I had, as well as glue gun and glue sticks. Cost of small pumpkin to make was probably about $3 and for large between $5 and $8… my time not included as I actually found this super therapeutic and enjoyable to do.


  • Pumpkins

  • Succulents

  • Glue gun/glue sticks

  • Spray adhesive

  • Sphagnum moss

  • Extra embellishments if you like. I used decorative fall leaves I had around on a few.


Watch my instructional video to see how to make these and think about making these for halloween, thanksgiving and overall fall. With or without adding holiday embelishments.

Here is how they transitioned into Thanksgiving decor on my dining table.


What can you make at home as a gift this holiday season that shows everyone you thought of them? Christmas is coming so look out for my Christmas craft DIY soon.

Be Awesome and Sparkle.