Sparkle or Sweat...manage it

Even though I have a couple shirts that say otherwise... I SWEAT.  


Don't get it twisted

Even though I sweat, you know this girl sparkles


I start of sparkling but for me it does not take much to get past that point. I am not one of those girls that just glows when they get hot. I MELT... and the drip begins in all the normally visible sweat spots. 

Having grown up in Europe it is more common to encounter unpleasant smells in public so I would say I am extra sensitive to smell and how I smell. A little while back I skipped deo on my way to spin class thinking it's only an hour. In class I was literally trash talking in my mind about someone being smelly...surprise it was sparkle herself that wassail funky. Embarrassing when you smell yourself and you are like...GROSS.


Over the years I have tried a lot of different anti-perspirants and honestly the only thing that has worked up to now is Degree clinical protectionRecent shopping sample of Dove Dry Spray has proven to be very effective.


Both great


Keep my sparkle from turning into funk

What I look for in a good antiperspirant?

  • Lasts long

  • Keeps me from smelling offensive when I sweat

  • Does not mark up my clothes

  • Does not clump in my armpit

Try one of these if you are also a sparkle/sweat prone gal so you too can #beawesomeandsparkle