How to spot a U.F.O or prevent one

U.F.O. Happens to the best of us

A G.Ff of mine taught me this phrase recently and funny how I heard it on a day after a major UFO. 

UFO for those who don't know is an "Unnecessary Freak Out" and yes we have all been there. Concert night in LA and we have a Friday afternoon commute to LA that should on normal nights take like 45 min to 1 hour but Friday we can be safe and double that. I am working on stuff at home and my husband comes home. "Peanut are we all ready to go" and meanwhile in peanut land on Skype work call I hit mute. I look at him and ask him to text his cousin "hey are we coming to your place or are you coming to us?"... and so it began.  Hit Skype un-mute.

The blank stare with my phone in hand was priceless and I get "I don't understand, what do you want me to text him?" so I repeat... Text him "hey are we coming to your place or are you coming to us?".  Blank stare number 2 and same questions. I hit mute again and look up to total confusion and the UFO just happens. "I am not sure what is not clear here, can you just text him what I said ... hey are we coming to your place or are you coming to us?" then my husband totally innocently looks at me and say "I don't understand the context, what do I do when he replies?".. I lost my sh.. and complete meltdown mode of why can't you do what I ask, I have to do everything, all I need is for you to send a simple text, why is this so hard??? Head spinning, words spewing and I am sure not my pretty face.  

Yep unnecessary especially when you consider I had to mute to yell and un-mute all composed and it would have just been so much easier if I had hit mute and told Siri  to text his cousin "hey are we coming to your place or are you coming to us?

We all have triggers and choosing when to light the fuse is up to us. As a woman I know it was not about this moment but many others and other external stresses that impacted my behavior. That is not sparkle, it is dirt and not a moment I want or like to replicate often. So high road ahead, apologies and walking on eggs during car ride to LA and making sure the whole big concert night is not spoiled by a dumb freak-out.

Yes we are all human an have a now and than U.F.O. but let's not let them get to us or become too frequent so we can all Be Awesome and Sparkle.