Wink Wednesday

Flip the script and live the happy life

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do we squirrel?

Cause we can't control it. Yes we can!

Squirrel is a term couple of my friends and I have adapted to serve us in situations when we just can't thing straight and ... oh look at that instead. When you focus on always Thinking, Frowning, Talking Judging, Watching, Complaining and Fearing it is so easy for life to be less than.  Frown less and Complain less and Watch less I have mastered. I smile, let it roll off my back and participate in life.  

Today I am working on Think and this one I struggle with probably as much as Fear. These 2 are constantly at me and Think today reared it's ugly head. I am not saying I don't think but I don't analyze and imagine and wonder what if pigs fly? Well today the if came out and my head went all squirrel. STOP! It is that simple, re frame and STOP IT.

I feel because I am passionate and that I never want to change but I will not let my feelings turn on my brain and have the train run me over. My current motto is a happy life and some days balance is hard. But there is always tomorrow and another opportunity to #Be Awesome and Sparkle.