Let's get Frothy

Part 2 for a perfect Coffee cup - foam

My fave drink at any coffee spot is a latte with that nice frothy milk cap. So perfect when I take that first sip so I decided to make my own at home. I don't use espresso but instead kjust a perfect/quick cup of BUNN brewed coffee and frothed milk.

I cannot even tell you how AWESOME the first cup is. My description of progression is cup 1 falling in love (Imagine new, exciting, butterflies), cup 2 relationship (happy, comfortable and passionate) and cup 3 is marriage (happy, loved when needed). I know it is over- generalized but truly how it is and basically keeps me caffeinated at the level I need to function optimally.

The trick is right milk for froth that you want and my preference is 2% or 1% because it does froth up a bit more, is filling and rich tasting. In my second frother I warm up almond mil and blend the two when I make my cup, Almond and coconut milk I found will not froth much because they lack any fat but if you want them warmed or col (yes frothers chill too) it works great.