I start my day with ??? Part 1 the BUNN!

Coffee. COFFEE..Coffee.

You know me you know I LOVE my Coffee and yes I am totally addicted to caffeine by this point. But that first cup in the morning sets the tone.

To make my perfect cup I need 3 things:

  1. Coffee beans

  2. FAST Coffee Maker and the BUNN is 3 minutes to happy

  3. Milk Frother... or 2

I buy my coffee from Costco in bags of whole beans and grind it myself, love the smell when it's freshly ground. Special thing about this coffee maker (recommended by my cousin in law) it brews fast and is so simple to use. 

The BUNN holds 2 pots of water in the back reservoir pre heated so in the morning when I pour in a pot of water and put in a filter with coffee all I need to do is swivel the lid closed and it starts to brew. Turn on the burner switch to keep the pot heated and voila.