Who needs electricity to BBQ...

Flex alert won't shut this down

Hottest day of the year and our host having signed up for electrical company power flex saver program did not stop this bunch from celebrating a long weekend!

Flaming 105 at 2 pm and unusual for us 80+% humidity. Everyone ascends on our friends party pad with backyard pool to celebrate the long weekend with friends, fun and great food. Their pad has every gadget there is and a place you want to go party. Indoor/outdoor music and TV's , harmonica style sliding patio door opens living room to back yard, pool and jacuzzi with fancy light shows...The party PAD. Then it happened an hour into the fun when power company started to flex their power with 2 more outages to follow. Each one did something to their house power and TV service.

I was taking my time planning to arrive casually an hour after party kickoff when a frenzy text flew my way "Sanj we need your ATT Uverse login so the guys can watch football". Power flex #1. Well I know that is an emergency for real so snap to I text off my credentials and start to pack my party gear.

I get there and take part in  roll out number 2 and 3 which left us with a dark guest bathroom, part of the garage, half of upstairs missing light and for men the worst thing ever... all TVs and TV service down.

  • AC still working... Check!

  • BBQ is gas powered...Check!

  • Fridge keeping our drinks cold...Check!

  • We have phones and tablets...Check!

So we did what this bad ass crew is good at... we re-scoped the party. We streamed football online from my Uverse account on 3 separate devices. Lit a candle for bathroom light (near miss on bathroom flambe) and decided other areas without power didn't matter.

My afternoon was a blast. I lost 3 lbs in sweat hanging in the back yard, swatted 2 green Beatles with a paper plate (tennis pro style), shared cupcakes with a cutie, played drinking jenga, got to pick an outfit for my beer,  laughed until I almost peed (if I hadn't sweat so much) and had some great CA style BBQ. Fun and friends fuel the sole and my tank is recharged for the next week ahead. 

To the best bunch of peeps this gal is stoked to call friends because they know how to #Be Awesome and Sparkle.