Your Fab Face


Face cleansers and face cleansing brushes are not all the same

Variety for me is important because my skin changes as weather does so even though my goal is clean skin some times I need moisturizing cleansers, other times I opt for exfoliating with a scrub or even really kinda industrial strength microdermabrasion scrubs.

Hand washing my face, Clarisonic Mia2 and Luna are my face cleansing tools again depending on sensitivity of my skin. In colder months I tend to have dry and sometime sensitive skin so hands and Luna are more gentle while warmer months I am totally good to use the Mia2 daily. 

My face just like my mood and hair days is never the same so variety helps me achieve good results and a clean face year around. To me it is all about personal preference and desired outcome. 

Funny enough that as much as I am clearly into face care, 1 out of every 3 times I take a trip I forget to pack face cleanser so I tend to accumulate new kinds all the time and either add them in or use and don't repeat.

Oh well one of these days I will master travel without forgetting something but until then I use variety of cleansers, buy more as needed and continue to Be Awesome and Sparkle!