Favorite Beauty Tool

Clarisonic Mia is my favorite beauty tool

Hands down the best thing I do for my face every night and until I tried one I did not believe that it really worked all that well.

Washing my face with just cleanser is not enough and using a white towel can show you the residue left over from just washing with my hands. My ritual is now a two step face washing.

After I remove eye makeup... STEP 1: I use a gentle foaming cleanser and just hand wash my face. To prove the point after this I wiped my face with a white towel and you can see the leftover. 

STEP 2:  I use both the Clarisonic mia2 and Clarisonic deep foaming cleanser. After this second cleanse I wipe my face and look at the brush to see how much dirt it removed even after the first wash. 

WOW when I am done... Result is healthy, smooth totally clean glowing skin. I love makeup but washing my face is probably my favorite thing. It feels so refreshing taking off my makeup and all daily pollutants that pile up on my skin. 

Clarisonic Mia2 my favorite beauty tool by far. If you are kind of teetering check out my towel pics. Be Awesome and Sparkle...your beautiful face deserves to be pampered.