Mascara is my MUST - Part 1

Mascara is my deserted island must have!

As someone with light eyes and hair I also have very light brows and eyelashes that without a little eyebrow powder or pencil and MASCARA (MY #1 go to) remain hidden.

For anyone that is naturally more toward blond coloring you likely share my opinion and having just a little brow definition and mascara can make even a natural look less ghost like. I honestly feel like my eyes get lost without mascara but brows are not a daily must for me. 

When I want a more dramatic night look for sure I am in for a more prominent brow it helps frame the face and eyes to really accentuate the eye makeup. My fave product is Anastasia eye brow shadow but I also use a variety of pencils and powder combos. 

My current 3 mascaras:

  1. Bare Minerals Lash Domination - This was a gift and I tried it, like it forevery day light coverage.

  2. Benefit Yes they're real - my first love! It is great at lengthening.

  3. Bobbi Brown Eye Opening - volumizing and totally gives lashes a fuller appearance.

My lash recipe is layering more than one and in this post it's lash Domination and Bobbi Brown. My preferred lash look is long and thick so normally I have to use two to get the desired look.

You can see in my pics i start with one lash and brow with makeup and the other without then both with and final day time face look. A wink to all of you ladies that love mascara as much as me and if you are stuck anywhere with me you can rest assured I will have your mascara needs covered. 

Be Awesome and Sparkle!