Shopaholic or Stylish?

Shopping is my hobby

I totally love it and can't understand anyone that does not. I love everything about it ... well actually I don't like trying clothes on while shopping and I don't like carrying the bags, they get in the way of more shopping.

When my girlfriends call and say "Hey Sanj, wanna go shopping" my natural answer is when and where? So it happened as a friend and I went to an overnight in LA and next day had time before seeing a play. How do two women spend free time when traveling, lunch and shopping.  I am a total enabler and all of my friends know. If you don't want to spend money, DON'T take me shopping with you. 

So we went and this happened, she came home with 5 pairs of shoes. Sanj not bad... a cute outfit, heels and sneaks. Of course it was fun bonding, and chatting, lunch and shop a SUCCESS!.

Be Awesome and Sparkle and Shop on ladies, it is in our blood!

Off Saks Fifth Ave. finds

Off Saks Fifth Ave. finds