DIY - Re-cover bench seat (Drab to Fab)

DIY-Recover a bench seat

Staple gun, felt, fabric and scissors. 20 minutes from drab to fab

This small bench seat was an inexpensive find at TJMaxx years ago but when it started to crack and peel I ordered a replacement. Day I was going to throw it out my husband wanted to keep it for his office, no way that thing was staying around to just keep on peeling when he threw out covering it.

Years ago I re-covered all my dining room chairs and had a bunch of micro-suede fabric left over. For this project I chose a deep plum to replace brown pleather. 

My tools:

  • Pinking Shears

  • Felt about half yard

  • Fabric about half yard

  • Staple Gun

My stool had a tufted look so I used felt, double layered to cover it up. Batting would have worked well but I did not have any so felt was my go to.


  1. Felt – double layered and stapled on each side to hold it in place.

  2. Threw fabric over to see how much was needed and cut with pinking shears to prevent from fraying.

  3. I started on one of the smaller sides, secured fabric in the middle and worked my way around stapling in place.

  4. Photo to shoot and Post.

20 minutes and this was one of the simplest ways to refresh something I was planning to throw away and give it a new purpose. Super happy how it turned out anduntil I tackle the next one I will Be Awesome and Sparkle!