Door Bling - DIY

Door Bling - Husband priority #1


Simple enhancement to any front door peep hole, a bling bezel. Tough to find, easy to install. All you need is bling that has the right opening and a handy husband.

Cracks me up that my husband took complete initiative to get this peep hole bling and install it all without me even asking. He spotted the bling elsewhere and got it. When we got home he went to a hardware store for a new peep hole and in 20 minutes I had door bling. 

Since we all know sparkle is my favorite color I completely love the way it looks. However like most I enter my house through the garage door so I may have seen it one time but still it is pretty and sparkly!!  My home improvement list has some items on it that have carried over for some time, but this little bauble not even my idea jumped to top of the list. 

I keep on moving hoping one day couple musts will get done off my list but until then I am being Awesome and Sparkling... along with my door bling.