When life gives you lemons!


Ever plan what you are gonna do in a day and curve ball out of left field and you are on a different mission.

Left to hit the guy...get done and phone has couple texts from home saying our beverage fridge (yes I know) is probably broken. It was our first fridge when we started dating so when we moved, and our home came with a fridge this one took residence in our garage mainly for frozen items and beverages. I text to hubs-(RIP Fridge). No reply so I took to throwing out all the food that one was frozen and online fridge replacement shopping. Kind of a great time over a holiday weekend. 

Time to water plants outside and I see our trap caught a RAT, yep common thing over here they just cruise around and we saw some poo and left a little PB in a trap. I text hubs "caught a RAT" and get a reply "got a FLAT". Naturally I thought good old spell correct I typed FLAT instead of RAT and learned he got a FLAT on the way to his game.

From RAT to FLAT to FRIDGE funeral I am crossing my fingers that no more excitement finds me. Sometime we just have to roll with it. Life happens but I will always #Be Awesome and Sparkle.