New Bed shrunk my storage

Organizing the closet... it's time

I have to admit that my guest room closet is completely occupied with all kinds of stuff and has absolutely no space if a guest does come. Well that is not so much of an issue as what do I do with all these bins that used to be under my bed when I had a raised bed, and now with my newly purchased tufted dream bed I have no space underneath. 

Roll up your sleeves S and get creative. Boxes hung out in front of my guest bed for a couple weeks as I really had no clue where to begin. I had two options; throw a bunch of stuff out or really think about re-organizing and making it work. And boy I did.

My guest room closet I decided was the place to house all my storage bins but where those are now I had 10 folding chairs, ironing board and a vacuum. Between the garage and laundry room I made space at the bottom of the closet. Now couple shelves above were full with what I call my staging area (gifts for all occasions- another blog), photo albums, and board games. Those items found their way into decorative chests that were empty in my room and my office closet that with a little shifting opened up space.

I made room and did not purge this time, but re-org part 2 will come when it's time to swap the fall/winter clothes in the bins with my summer ones in the closet. I am excited to even better rework the room and maybe even leave some room for guests. Until re-org part 2 I am planing to just chill and #Be Awesome and Sparkle.