DIY Headboard

DIY can be economical, stylish and fulfilling

When my husband and I moved into our home about 8 years ago now we had to prioritize home décor, and one of the things that was not top of our list was a traditional bed frame so I enlisted the help of my mother in law and her sewing skills. 

My mother in law is I think Martha Stewart's long lost sister and super talented at sewing and in all her life she never purchased bedding. Every bed in her home is adorned with beautiful covers and decorative pillows that she herself makes and one is lovelier than the next so it was only normal for us to shop for fabric to make my bedding. Our choices in material were made for duvet cover, dust ruffle, pillows, curtains all of it but what to do for a headboard. With how the bedding was going to turn out I wanted to have a headboard to really complete the look, and not being in the market to buy a new bed frame she suggested we make a fabric covered headboard with same fabric as my duvet. 

It was super simple. Measuring the bed and deciding how much room to leave on either side was important as well as the height so we can buy the wood. We opted for a picture like method of installing it so it had tough screws and brackets on the back side of the board as well as anchors in the wall. The wood itself was pretty heavy. Our tool of choice was a staple gun. Board was covered with batting material double layered to give it thickness and then simply material pulled over it to cover. 

Over the years the fabric did sag which we noticed only when we removed it for arrival of the new bed, my tufted dream. Prices of beds have gone down so much since I remember shopping for something similar years ago and it was time to replace DIY with next gen. I am totally a fan of making something similar to what you want on a budget until you can get the real thing. It was practical, smart, beautiful and satisfying to do.

It is cool to try and do something on your own vs. buying it kind of helps you feel you are #Being Awesome and Sparkling.