Have a good day at work!

Don't forget your lunch bag

I am good about eating my fruit and veggies to the point that all my friends quote me "I eat fresh produce at every meDon. I do and it has developed good nutritious habits for me, my Doc confirms.  But my husband will not touch a fruit or vegetable when away from home  and will either not eat or pickup snacks without any nutritious value so the daily snack bag was born. He enjoys getting personalized bags, until I moved to a reusable bag (change was rough).

My motto is a fruit, vegetable and something fun. It was prompted by his physical and same Dr. telling him how my vitamin levels were all perfect but his were all off. He was annoyed! So I did what I knew, infused fruit and veggies into his daily plan when he is away from home and after a year his physical came back and vitamin levels are dialed in.  Yes #Be Awesome and Sparkle strikes again.