Get yourself something pretty

Get yourself a cute new outfit...for Spin 

A quick pop into TJ Maxx with my mom for a gift and I walk out with new workout gear... but yes I did also get the gift. One of my least favorite things to do is try clothes on inside the store. Partly because when I leave the house I am adorned like a Christmas tree with accessories all over me and my purse is more like a carry on bag so it is simpler to just purchase and return. This strategy interesting enough can work one of two ways, either I keep it all or return it all or most. Honestly I think it's more like return most most of the time, but workout gear seems to be easier. 

Totally a girl at heart as soon as I get home, a fashion show. Well I nailed it this time with good finds that are inexpensive, light weight and comfortable for Spin class and fun. Now I can continue to #Be Awesome and Sparkle (Sweat in Spin class)