My Favorite Season is FOOTBALL Season

Next to Summer football is my other fave!!!

Like majority of men many women love football but this girl is not one. At least not on TV. Take me to any sporting event live I am totally IN and loving it but sitting around watching it for hours on TV I am not wired for and honestly for others it is a frustrating experience. I totally have ants in the pants so I am up and down, here and there... so now I am just OUT.

What do I do when USC is in town and my husband forgets I exists? GIRL TIME of course. Sometime my own girl party of one but this week I partnered up with a friend for a lovely date night while the boys headed off to watch some college ball. 

Our big plans started with wine tasting and appetizers at a new wine bar (testes and approved). We headed back to her place for some more wine, snacks and dessert while we indulged in 3 types of face masks and watched some terrible but addicting reality TV.  We laughed hard, talked a bunch, relaxed and recharged.

When life gives me football, I find fun ways to fill my time, enjoy life and be awesome and sparkle.