Easy Party Trays

Easy Party Trays for any occasion

When you are asked to bring something and not sure which way to go these 3 options are always good to volunteer for because they are easy to make and look pretty.  You can make various sizes and get creative with trays/plates you use depending on how many you are going to feed. Serving tray, glass platter, pie pan, large cutting board and salad bowl.

Cheese plate with assortment of soft and hard cheeses, nuts, dried fruit,  fresh blackberries and chocolate covered almonds. Cut some up, leave some whole and decorate however you like.

Dessert plate with either store bought or your own baked cookies paired with some chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered almonds. Adding dried fruit to this is also good and you can play with variety of dark, white and milk chocolate flavors.

Fruit bowl with a display platter under it. This one is strawberries, cantaloupe, honey dew inside the bowl with grapes,kiwi, watermelon and star fruit decorating the platter below. Pineapple did not taste good so you can use that and soak in vodka for cocktails but use the top as decoration.  

There is no tick, just takes a little time and love to pull it together. Bring one to the next gathering you go to and watch it be a hit. Be Awesome and Sparkle!