Dig Deep! Crush your Goals!

Finding an exercise routine that you like, that works and keeps you motivated to come back is no easy task. In my late 20's when I found myself single, dating with a few extra lbs I found a spin gym close to my house and tried it. IT KICKED MY BUTT! Quite literally my butt was so soar for a few days as were all other parts of me.

This gym was different. They spin out of the saddle so the whole time to beat of the music. You are out of your seat peddling in 3 different speed formats.  Hills where you add tension, jogs you keep a steady pace and runs where you just jam as fast you can for 30 -60 second intervals depending on your expertise level. 

Classes no longer worked into my work schedule and I hung up my spin shoes. Years later same guy sold a couple times and opened a location by me so I am BACK! It takes a while to build your endurance and get used to pulling up your feet and staying on beat but when that clicks you are jamming on that bike with a lot of movement and get a very good full body workout. 

So cool when you walk into class and see motivational quotes on mirrors, chalk board int eh bathroom and community board in the lobby. Great supportive community that no matter if you are a regular or newbie will totally give you the YOU CAN DO IT pep talk.

This workout keeps me motivated, clears my mind, balances me and weirdly makes me feel super cleansed after (probably the gallon of sweat i leave behind). I encourage anyone that has thought about it to try it. I used Spin and Weight Watchers to lose 45 lbs, so it is a great cardio workout to get you to your goals.