Bunco! Women that play together...

When women are supportive, the SPARKLE is real

12 women that meet once every month and play a dice game have become a group of women I share time with more than once a month. Looking at this group you would think cool but you don't know the start. These women are all Bad Asses in their work life. They hold positions in Sales, Management of company brands and assets, Marketing, HR, Education Administrators and Finance.  All Managers, Directors, VP's, EVP's and Business owners/CEO's.

Their career titles and accomplishments are impressive but they as women are equally if not more impressive in how supportive and positive they all are. In many past relationships with women there has always been the catty factor, but that is never the case here. 

We have traveled together, we work out together, socialize with each others families and best of all spread the sparkle among the group. We talk and share, support each other in charitable ventures and for me they feed my soul. Some of our base 12 members cannot always make the monthly high stakes dice game, so we fill those spots with other women in our lives and share the sparkle.

Always surround yourself with positive and powerful women so you too can #Be Awesome and Sparkle!

Everyone take your places for a group pic

Everyone take your places for a group pic