Plan you can be the best you

If you don't know the destination how will you get there?

My Plan it...or become a hermit hoarder post was getting so long that I had to move into part 2 of how planning really helps my overall life and could help you too.

For me juggling work, fitness, social and family life are all priorities on daily basis and I start every week by planning time for all those aspects of my life. Work of course pays the bills and like most of you takes majority of my day time. Working from home offers a lot of flexibility where I can on occasion get creative with my schedule BUT I try to keep my work routine like going to an office to prevent this sparkle train from getting derailed.

My work phone and personal phone calendars are my primary planning tool and every night I look over the work phone to see when my day begins so I can determine the best time to work out. This starts Sunday and I lock in my exercise plan for the week (AM, PM or rest days) adjust as needed based on how my body feels, how much rest I had, etc. 

Secondly I layer in time with my mom, making sure that at least once a week she and I see each other. Weeks I am super crazy busy with work and my blog I will have her come to my house for dinner (saves me commute time and partner in the hubby), other times like this week we are hitting out local TJMAXX and Happy Hour after! Shopping and Wine, fave combo for a lot of us women... at least a lot of women in my life : - ) 

Time at home to rest, regroup, recharge and spend time doing what my husband loves most, chill at home, has to be included. Many times... BEING HONEST chill at home gets overridden if I really want to see a friend or go somewhere else. He is so cool being alone that he truly does not mind if it happens but I know he prefers when I have at least a couple nights at home to feed his love language "QUALITY TIME".

Then it's all girlfriends and couple events. All the rest of my time available is with my gal pals We walk and talk, we kayak, lunch and movies, work lunches, shopAthons, costco trips and coffee on the weekend, spin class. You name it, we are doing it, always in tandem or a gang! My bestie often gets teased by her fiance about her spending so much time with me. Either of us will travel for work and automatically start booking time when we are back. He finds it annoying when she gets home and next day we are off on a day of gal palling around. It's the SPARKLE, that magic positive women in my life possess that fuels me and feeds my soul so I prioritize to get more of it every chance I have.

My blog tool is mainly word document and excel sheet with topic thoughts for a couple days out so I have some direction but tend to write what I am feeling in the moment. Managing it in word and excel that is easy to move around and adjust. 

Old fashioned post it notes are my way to handle all that happens in the day. Reminders, to get done and errands I need to handle taking care of. Coupled with some apps, post its can go with me wherever I go and keep me on track.

Remember I am OCD and used to get super overwhelmed with too much. Organizing and realizing my triggers for getting to overwhelmed is now key. Writing all the have to items., thoughts and ideas for my blog down in notes, emails to myself or excel help me sleep too. Clearing my mind to start the next day fresh so I can be awesome and sparkle!