Plan it...or become a hermit hoarder

I don't want to be a hoarder

I have always been a planner, for as long as I can remember looking back it's part of my personality.  Yes it did make me all rigid and OCD but having this awesome power and now knowing how to use it is helpful in many ways. 

Every family needs someone who will plan or you will go nowhere, do nothing and become a hermit hoarder. Perhaps not that extreme but for sure a TV obsessed couch potato. I know what I speak of...I am married to one. I like to watch a show here or there but I want to live life and have experiences to remember. I am definitely the social one and love going out, doing stuff, seeing people and meet new ones and I often do it solo or I  too will be destined for couch-potato-dom! Being opposites and me finding fulfillment in experiences with people and him finding fulfillment in combo of couch surfing and cruising the inter webs I find planning both into my life a necessity. It is the best way to make sure I have time for me and time for him.

My husband is not a planner AT ALL!!! He often tells people who ask him to make plans... "talk to management"... that would be me and it only took 14 years.  We have in the past double booked, missed fun stuff, got upset about not having enough notice when something was coming up (HUSBAND). I know what you will all say and I did too, google calendar you both can share! Yeah sure, but you have not met my husband. He is a total egg head, and writes software for a living so one would think he is totally tech savvy and ON IT... I would think that too. But NO!  Now we manage life plans through text messages so I am not later confronted with.... "you never said that" and it really works for us.

Everyone that wants to do something with him will ask him or if they really want to get somewhere they text me, I check the calendar and we are set. I plan 95% of the things that take us out of the house, remaining 5% he really wants to do could run into a conflict. 

It helps us keep organized and maximize what we can do. I of course will commit to max I can shove in any day or week, he is in for an event or 2 and that is the balance that works.