Sunday FUNDAY- Cleaning was my Control!

Now I clean because I need to

Sunday in my world over the summer is reserved for beach bike ride, breakfast and lounging sea side with some reading or listening material. It has routinely become my day to chill, regroup and plan for the week ahead.  Since I manage projects in my work life and organize other people to complete things I do the same with my life.  Setting a plan for the week ahead helps me make sure I take care of all things important to me… work obligations, personal commitments with friends, workout schedule and time with family. I am social by nature and some weeks have a lot of stuff. Planning helps me manage away the crazy!

Through my spiral times and deep sleep phase (See Glitter instead of Duct tape post), the way I would deal with stress and chaos was to clean and organize.  I had no control over fertility issues, work stress and how that impacted my life … OR SO I THOUGHT! And the area that I could control was related to all household duties.

I joked with my friends all the time that just like Monica from Friends (TV show) I liked to clean and it calmed me down. Well that was true and it still does, but in reality I could totally own all tasks home organization related and feel in control. Crazy thing when I look back is how I did not explode sooner. I mean being stressed because I imposed too much on myself so to resolve it I would impose more projects on myself? Yep, that to do list grew longer and my sense of control diminished with each item added. Crazy thing was that list was filled with junk that was SO unnecessary.

Every couple of months the workload became too much and for those few poor souls closest to me the wrath of my stress would unload on them in form of moody, snappy, teary or nit-picky. If I had to suffer so did the world, right isn’t that how a lot of times we deal with stress… dump it on those closest to us like it’s their fault or their problem. Phew to look back it is not pretty, BUT the look back is necessary to reflect and learn.

That woman pops into my mirror once in a while, tries to show her face but the NEW ME and the sparkle power within me shuts her down at first sight! Now when I am stressed and feel overwhelmed, and I DO, my coping mechanisms include meditation, self-assessment and prioritization. When my chest starts to get tight and all filled with Arghhhh, I take a quick brake from the situation and often take a short walk and/or meditate for a few minutes to clear my mind.

Meditation in my world is a new practice but has helped me clear my head focus on my breath and slow down the madness that controls my OCD world of having to DO IT ALL.

·         Self-assessment is key for me because I tend to create work for myself so I talk to myself a lot, answer my own questions and keep the stuff that really matters.

·         Writing down all the things that are putting pressure on me but still matter, end up on my today list of have to and it can wait, broken down into smaller tasks. All that can wait become my tomorrow list managed the same way.

·         Asking myself along the way if this is a MUST DO? or some RANDOM thing I came up with just because?

This weekend was socially active so beach day was replaced with some home organization items that I wanted and needed to do. Today I cleaned… because it was on my to do list as a must do and not because it’s my primary coping mechanism for stress.  Sorry Monica!


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