Acai Bowls - Obsessed! Part 1

My first Acai bowl attempt (near miss)

For Anyone That Has Not Tried One They Are In One Word DELICIOUS! The Base Is Acai Berry - Guarana (Not Sure What That Means) So I Will Tell You It Is Frozen Juice Like. Full Of Antioxidants And Healthy Omegas These Packs Are Great For Smoothies And Bowls For A More Hearty Meal.  

My Gal Pal Tammie Works For #Sambazon And Gave Me A Box Of Acai Packets Which Set Me On Bowl Making Frenzy. Www.Sambazon.Com Is Full Of Recipes But I Completely Kept Overlooking The Obvious And My First 3 Attempts Became Smoothies, Still AWESOME. Yesterday FINALLY SUCCESS And A Delicious Bowl. The Obvious Part --Use 2 Packs Of Acai And SUCCESS!

I Blended 2 Packs With Some Coconut Milk And Frozen Banana And It Became Soft And Similar To Frozen Yogurt (Minus The Dairy). For My Toppings Granola, Coconut Flakes, Blueberries And Cranberries. Light, Filling And Nutritious. Stay Tuned For More Varieties.