VIDEO - MAC Snow Ball Eye Compact - Gold

This is my newest addition to eyeshadow compacts but it a good basis pallet so had to get it, especially for the Month of Sparkle. For anyone with my eye and hair color gold tones are complimentary and with these basic colors it's easy to pull off a basic daytime eye or smoke it up for evening. Watch the video to see how I use it for a fast and light everyday look.

I purchased the Mac Snow Ball Compact at Nordstrom last week for $25.08 on SALE! Grab your at this link before they sell out. MAC Snow Ball Compact-GOLD


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Right after the demo video a quick selfie to capture the look.

Results after my quick video application with just an addition of a light peachy/pink lipstick. This gives me just enough eye definition. Overall this is my light daytime look with tinted moisturizer, light blush and eyes and a soft lip. 

Be Awesome and Sparkle!