Cookie Exchange - Why it rocks After

As 11pm rolls around I arrive home with 12 different varieties of cookies and begin to unpack them and store in my freezer for later use.  Having ready made cookie dough helps me with entertaining this time of year and makes a nice add on when visiting others.  Each batch comes with a recipe for easy reference when I love one and plan to repeat it.


Ladies in my group are amazing with their cookie wrapping and many of their containers I re-use for wrapping small gifts or baked cookies I take to friends homes. Following day I organize recipes and packaging.


Day after this party I made plans to visit my bestie while she recovers from surgery and here is a quick cookie plate for her and her family to enjoy. Over the years I have grown to love this event and enjoy prepping my cookies for the party and spreading the holiday cheer by sharing the ones I get.

Bestie is happy and recovering well so I continue to Be Awesome and Sparkle!