Cookie Exchange Prep

Cookie exchanges are a fun way to end up with a variety of cookies for your holiday entertaining and enjoyment. Today I am in full force working on my recipe for this year and goal is to make 12 dozen frozen dough baggies to gift, one to bake and if extra some to keep or give your best friend that is addicted to dessert.

My cookie choice for this year is Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal cookies are in general my favorite because they are super chewy and moist.

Prep time - Keep calm and bake on

Completed 19 bags of dozen - GOAL of 12 dozen reached and CRUSHED! There is a BF in my world that will be super happy.


Wrapped it up nice, recipe card in hand, one dozen baked and we hit the road.


Last item stop to buy a Christmas Ornament on the way for our white elephant exchange, let the sugar high begin.

Be Awesome and Sparkle!