Entertain like a Pro

Thanksgiving is a lot of work but you would not know it by my cousins Maria hosting. Having some 15-20 people descend on her house is no big deal and she is not about to sacrifice any style either. Her amazing flare for decorating is un-paralleled in my circle. Her table decor is both DIY with candle/corn Cobb center pieces to flat ware for dummies. Dishes feature turkeys and napkins  are cloth without any fear of guest like me that like to wear bright lipstick. 

For this occasion I am in charge of meat and cheese plate otherwise known as a charcuterie tray and I could not just phone this in. Going to Maria's house you Beyonce the snap out of anything you bring. Mom and I assembling this beauty with Trader Joe's cheeses, apricots, chocolate covered almonds, honey/sesame almonds, blueberries, crackers and salami sampler. Pepperoni is from local Italian market. NAILED IT! 


Arrival and decor does not disappoint. The amazing display makes it very inviting and festive.

Cheese tray in action accompanied by a variety of salads from local Italian market!


Thanksgiving feast is prepared. A little setback when marshmallows on top of the yam dish cough on fire, towel was lost in the fight but we continued on. Dinner was amazing, decor was festive, weather was summer perfect 95 and family happy. From home made manicotti to traditional turkey dinner, finished by home made apple pie all was truly perfect and worth the once a year splurge.