Month of Sparkle Day 18

Travel day but I can still observe sparkle. Last year I traveled during December aka "Month of Sparkle" and security clearance was an adventure. Armed with sequins, rhinestone belt and pretty much sparkle on both wrists, ears and fingers that thing LIT up. To follow... a pat down but lots of smiles as I explained. It is a fun time, but with current events I am keeping it low pro.

Early am photo boarding.


                            Cuddly and soft inside

When you have to connect one of the best spots is Vegas. Their retailing is fun and year around provides good sparkle options, December especially. Another good pass time is slot machines at the airport. I dropped a $20 spot into my fave game KENO and I was there for an hour. Up down, Up down, this thing gave me a roller coaster of a ride with butterflies and all. I was so close to 6 to of 6 #'s (as I got 5 out of 6 two times). I walked away with $5 profit and let me tell you all having been to Vegas many times, that is a good thing.


And away we go Vegas to Atlanta. Airplane selfie. People love those!