DIY - Water Conservation Shower

Couple years ago during a severe drought in CA my husband came up with a great idea to reclaim our runoff shower water.

Drought pal...

As I call helps me reclaim one bucket of water each day which I use to water my potted indoor plants, outdoor plants and yard. If you have a larger family you can save a lot more for watering your yard or for whatever else you can think to do with it.

You can contact me at to purchase one. $12.99 SM and $14.99 LG (including regular mail) with choice of light or dark color. All I will need is measurements and pic of your shower head and you can be on your way to reclaiming your clean runoff water at each shower. (Bucket not included)

I suggest dark because material will being to mildew so washing it regularly is recommended. I throw mine in with the laundry or if it has been a while I dip it in the sink with some water and CLR or whatever other item you use to remove mildew buildup.