Month of Sparkle Kick off - Day 1

31 Days of Sparkle starts today and I am so EXCITED!

Whole month I wear something or a lot of somethings that sparkle, shimmer and shine. It was started with a friend of mine a few years ago but it has take on a whole different meaning for me. Let's be honest that December is probably the only month you can really get away with obnoxious levels of sparkle so that is reason enough.

For me it has become a way to bond with my friends and spread the sparkle to everyone around me. It feels amazing, makes me smile and is so contagious. This year it is taking more meaning in that sparkle to me is not only sequins and rhinestones but that positive, supportive energy women spread to other women. 

Get ready for a fun December of all things sparkle that is sure to make you smile. I will share my daily sparkle inspired outfits, new sparkly acquisitions and all the fun things that consume me during this fabulous month. Sparkle by S is in full effect.

Let's Do this, Be Awesome and Sparkle!!!