Sparkle like she means it

When my friend Mimi hosts our monthly girl game night it is full of special touches and sparkle.

Her giving spirit comes across in all that she does and this is no exception. She strives to make her turn at hosting warm and welcoming. She can pour a bag of salad into a bowl and it will taste so much better than normal. 

What I appreciate the most reminds me of my grandma when she would host company for dinner. It is not about the food, it is about the moments and the people... Of course grandma had some cooking game and so does Mimi but it is their warmth and inner sparkle that people love to be around.  

Have you been around people that you just like and every time you are around them you feel good and after spending time with them you feel energized and positive? That is Mimi. She is part of my sparkle nation and every time I spend time with her, her heart and soul radiate love and joy.

You can tell... it is in all that she does.