Quick and Healthy

Weekday dinners have to be quick, easy and made of ingredients I have around. I am not a recipe follower and with olive oil and onions as a starter I can make all kinds of meals. 

Zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and fingerling potatoes all saute until veggies are cooked. I like mine not totally soft so it all depends on taste. Instead of a lot of oil I use chicken broth as my liquid to lower calories. Works great. 

Store bought rotisserie chicken cut up is added in to soak up juices and warm up last couple minutes of cooking. My husband does not like potatoes so for him I prepare rice and serve this over it and for me just veggies (including potatoes) and yummy.

My goal is always to make something healthy with tons of veggies and protein. Fresh produce and protein is always on hand and with a few basic ingredients I can whip up something tasty and semi home made. Weekdays are action packed so easy is key for me to Be Awesome and Sparkle.