Face Hair Removal

As a woman I have tried it all to remove facial hair. Years ago someone actually said I had a hairy face, yep shocking enough anyone would tell you but I knew exactly what they meant after seeing my face in the sun. I happen to have light blond peach fuzz all over my face and if light hits it it is completely apparent. 

Over the years I have tried it all, waxing, threading, hair removal creams and all of these options had their drawback until I discovered these great razors and started down the path of face planing. It is a fine razor that removes facial hair but it is not aggressive and cause it to grow back stubbly. It grows back fine like it was before and I don't have discoloration, irritation or paid.

Makeup goes on smoother and more evenly and extra added benefit is exfoliation of dead skin at the surface. The whole face, chin and neck area take about 15 minutes and that for me includes some eyebrow tweezing as well. Sephora sells the razors, two different kinds which I use both depending on area of my face. The larger razors are good but small one is sharper and works better. Even with the small one you can do your whole face but it will take longer.

All a personal preference but if you are looking for a way to remove hair in a non invasive, painless way give these a try from SEPHORA.