ReDo on Salad

Creative Salads

Take your usual ingredients and assemble them in a different way for a restaurant feel at home. 

Eating healthy can be boring especially if you get into a food routine and always use the same plating or food prep. You may have heard that eating is in large part visual so we tend to be drawn to food like men are to women... curb appeal. All jokes aside if something looks appetizing I know I am definitely more interested in ordering or buying it for dinner.

Salad is a regular part of my daily diet and usually same ingredients over and over so I decided to make a restaurant style salad presentation at home to make the even my usual salad more appealing and appear like a different meal... and it DID.

My normal technique is salad and all ingredients then toss. This time I tossed my lettuce and dressing and plated it. All the other ingredients I cut up and placed on top of my salad with a light slat and pepper dusting and couple extra swirls of home made dressing (olive oil, Dijon, vinegar and lemon). 

What fun to see on a plate and eat. Same ingredients presented differently made a boring salad more fun. Be Awesome and Sparkle and remember it is OK to play with your food.