About me, this blog and sparklE

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About me

I am Sandra and I am S.P.A.R.K.L.E








Sparkle is all that I am and love. Positivity, my energy and passion for all that I am into.

About this blog

Supportive women in my life made a difference so I want to spread the SPARKLE to other women like me. Sparkle is the energy, positivity and passion in all that I do to live a balanced lifestyle. SPARKLE is that feeling you have when you have just left your gal gaggle and you are pumped to kick ass at work the next day, join a gym, try new makeup, buy a dress that is unlike what you normally wear, tell your husband to plan a date or else, or decide to start a blog (That would be me).

I want to share my stories and life experiences to make other women laugh, feel like they are not alone, motivated to step out of their comfort zone, get out of our own way, and spread the SPARKLE. I had a friend tell me a while back…you have accomplished a lot in your life… and I was like...Yeah OK I have an OK job, but it took me until I wanted to do this to understand what that meant.

Main focus for me is beauty, style and wellness, but I can't help share my passions around travel and food, my App and overall life tips, tricks and hacks. Follow me for makeup tutorials, style ideas, life experiences and much more…Become part of Sparkle Nation!

Let’s Be Awesome and Sparkle!